I am a big fan of continuous learning and I always tell my friends never stop to learn. Learning can be related to your work to make you a more efficient employee. Or it can be something that truly interests you, which is unrelated to work.


The COVID pandemic had hastened the need for people to learn. The macro environment is changing very fast and the skillset required will become very different. The traditional ways of learning had been challenged and will evolve. The channels available nowadays are online and a lot of them at a fraction of the cost as compared to face to face coaching.

There is now a treasure trove of content available online. Plenty of “gurus” have come up with their versions of workable solutions and techniques. The challenge is to sieve through the information and be able to find something that really works for you.

Many friends have asked me about investments and whether the systems or methodology taught by some gurus really work. My take is that there is certainly some degree of truth to their systems and they worked for them. Otherwise they would not be successful and be able to monetise their knowledge. However, there is really no one-size fits all. More often than not, you have to go through a discovery phase to find out what works for your individual investment risk appetite and lifestyle. For instance, short term trading doesn’t suit me as I get too emotional with the swings and it takes away precious time from my family.

I have been an employee for the past 20 years and that has been my primary source of income in wealth accumulation. However, I have always been investing and exploring trading systems as a “second wing” to grow my wealth.

I am now starting a series of articles to share my personal journey in wealth accumulation as a salaried employee. I hope my sharing will inspire those of you who are either struggling with your employment or wish to find additional source of income as a safety net. If I can do it, I am sure many of you can!

The title of my series is L.E.A.R.N. These aims to summarise the key learnings from my own investing and learning journey. I will be covering them in depth in the next few postings. Stay tuned!


Yao Wen

Yao Wen

Dad, Investor & Treasury professional

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