Emrich Investors_Yao Wen

Thank you for wanting to know a bit more about me!

My name is Yao Wen.

I am a full time Treasury professional with more than 20 years of extensive Corporate Treasury experience. I have led professional treasury teams to help drive organisations forward. My specialisation is in setting up treasury operations in emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region, which covers the full spectrum from back to front office.

Apart from my full-time job, I am an investor who is always keen to learn more about technical analysis, trading systems and the secrets of successful investors. I always believe in continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. The joy of gifting others and knowing that it helps positively impact the lives of others keeps me going.

I am blessed to learn from many great investors and mentors. I will document the journey here. Hopefully, more will find the benefits and joy of investing.

If this page has helped you in some way, spread the word and leave some positive comments so that I know! It will serve as an encouragement to me! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note too. I will attempt to answer them as best as I can.